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  • Kirstin Baumgarten

@trailfitters #bagleynaturearea

Duluth Dog Approved and Dog Friendly @Trailfitters will be our "official" Trail Finder! Every year Trailfitters does The Trail Challenge! They are the experts of finding local trails. Weekly, the Duluth Dog Blog will share one of their trails with you and your pup!

"Test your hiking abilities while taking in the sights! The Trail Challenge is a hiking challenge consisting of 9 trails totaling 38 miles broken down into 3 categories: Easy, Moderate, and Difficult. The hikes start in Duluth ending just north of Grand Marais." @Trailfitters reported they have had over 40 people finish the challenge this year so far! Grab a leash and your pup! Go explore this beautiful northland wonderland. #TFTC22

This Week's Hiking Adventure: The Bagley Loop trail. It is considered an easy route and take just about 45 minutes to complete. It is a popular Duluth, MN trail used for hiking, trail running, walking and dog walks. Even though it is popular you and your pup can find quiet peaceful solitude on it!


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