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  • Kirstin Baumgarten


After the heartbreaking loss of our dearly beloved Otis in April 2020, we knew that we needed another fur-baby in our lives, especially being it was the Are you looking for a Fun Fur Friendly events in the Duluth Superior to attend with your dog? Look no further, sniff no further! We have fetched all the events and put them in one place! , and we were home all the time and had that void of not having Otis around. After months searching for a new addition to our family, we found our new baby way down in Oklahoma! We drove twelve hours to get our little monster during the shutdown in July 2020.

It has been an experience, to say the least, since getting him. Odin @odinthepugofficial is full of energy and spunk and is pugging non-stop! Odin loves to walk on all the different trails around Duluth, and he loves being by the lake too! Despite having many toys, his favorite things to play with are empty plastic bottles/yogurt containers; he goes nuts over them, Lol.

Our favorite little quirk of Odin is him standing up in his car seat (he has the front passenger side, of course), so he can look at what’s happening in the world. We love seeing other people’s faces at a stoplight when he’s standing upright, staring at them out the window. He’s just a little ham, bringing so much joy into our lives. We are grateful to have found such a happy little pug.


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