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  • Kirstin Baumgarten


≼ᖇEᔕᑕᑌEᗪ ≽ 📍duluth, mn

🐶Ana • tx kill shelter survivor

🐯Olaf • unfrozen from da streets (kitty brother)

🐶Elle • tri-pawd after shot when pregnant

This week's Local Furry Instagram Stars are Ana and Elle. They post the most pawsome photos of their adventures with the family! You can just tell they landed in a wonderful home!

"Ana is a shepherd mix who was rescued from the streets of Texas as a puppy. She was a “mangey mutt” when she was brought home, but her skin healed and grew into an extremely adventurous, wicked smart, and loving dog.

Elle is a lab mix who was rescued from a terrible situation where she and her litter of new puppies were retrieved and brought into rescue. She was found to have several bb’s lodged in her shoulder and leg, and due to the pain it was causing her she had to have her entire front leg amputated. She is so loving and trusting despite what she’s been through, and now lives the life of a princess!"

Story and Photos By @shade.rescue


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