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  • Kirstin Baumgarten

I am DogApproved

HI ya! I am Linda! I wanted

to introduce myself to those who are new to my journey with My loves - dogs, family, traveling, publishing, events, and marketing. I have always had a part of the Duluth Area Dog Community. I organized the 1st Pet Expo 1998 at Fitger’s. Throughout 2002 - 2016 I worked with the Beargrease. Currently, I run Mushing Midwest. With the greatest pleasure. I have worked with Will Steger for 18 years and still do! I have extensive experience and a passion for publishing. This passion and my love for dogs brought me to my current project, a Duluth Area Dog Friendly Guide, Here is a Husky Love Picture from a trip with W. Steger to the Arctic a few months ago. Thanks for joining and thanks for following along my journey!


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