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  • Kirstin Baumgarten

Car Safety and Summer Temperatures

A couple of summers ago while walking through the Congdon neighborhood, I noticed a pup in a car. There was a party at a home, and I assumed the owner was there. I hung out for a few minutes without the owner showing up. It was hot! in 80's hot. Just as I was about to call the police, they pulled up (somebody else had called). Indeed it was one of the attendees at the party. The pup was in distress by the time they opened the car.

Today is nice and cool, but the rest of the week will be in the 70s. Look at image and note how hot it can get in your car when it is just 75 degrees! 100 degrees in 10 minutes!

"Parked cars become ovens quickly

Cars magnify heat. When you step into your parked car on a hot day, the steering wheel and the seat feel like they’ve just emerged from an oven. This uncomfortable greenhouse effect can happen even when it’s cooler outside.

On a 75-degree day, the inside of a parked car can climb to 110 degrees in minutes. In 20 minutes on a 90-degree day, the same car can get up to 130 degrees inside.

Although we humans can sweat and regulate our body temperatures, this extreme heat can still be deadly, especially for infants and toddlers. Dogs have a harder time adjusting to heat than most humans, so being stuck in a hot car can quickly become life threatening.

The Facts About Dogs in Hot Cars


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